Willy Vanderperre, a longtime favorite of many fashion photography enthusiasts, including myself, has a visual language that can easily be explained as poetic, and not unlike a painting. His distinguishable ability to create some of the most simple imagery, while maintaining the rich emotion, impact and feeling in his images, is a talent few can claim. After all, is simple not amongst the most revered aesthetics of all time, and one of the most difficult things to do well? It is emotion that Willy has chosen to highlight as the subject of what's contemporary at any time, and perhaps even more so today. Using stills taken from a video he has created with the Belgian group Amenra for their song “A Mon Ame,” he fragments strong emotion into a deconstructed series of images that effectively display their own unique and individual meanings. Perhaps different than the meaning to be derived from their collective presentation in motion, they remind us to look more closely at the mystery and meaning hidden within a captured moment. Reminiscent of any great artist during an interview, Willy's voice brings an immediate understanding of the selected visual content. Is your volume on?